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  1. You are not alone in your grief. Have you looked into going to a physical group or reading a book on grief of losing a pet? Nothing really takes away the sting of not having them by your side anymore, but it will get a little better over time. I really feel for you.
  2. Thanks Marty. I have little reminders of him all over the place. I just found some photos of him that I have placed in various parts of the house so I can see him wherever I go. I am not sure if it was too soon for me to do that since it tends to make me cry more when I see his photos everywhere, but it makes me feel like he is still here in a way, and I like that. A friend of mine bought me a candle in his memory, and I light it from time to time. I have several photos and some videos on my phone that I look at on a pretty regular basis, and I have started a notebook where I write entries talking to him and adding memories so I can always look back to something that makes me smile. I think I am just still working through my grief because I still miss him so very much. Two months is nothing compared to 17 years. I can't seem to stop crying, but I know that is normal.
  3. I lost my beloved cat Baxter two months ago after a long stretch of illnesses. I had him for 17 years, and I am not sure what to do with myself. When I leave the house, it is a little easier, but when I am here I see him everywhere and miss spending time with him. His presence is all over our house, and I am having trouble being here. I hate being alone, but I can't just not be in the house ever. It is a really depressing and lonely time.
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