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  1. Thankyou for the support shown. X
  2. Thanks again ..I shall read all there is to read there x
  3. Yes I have just read a book i also have a good support network to talk whenever I need .. and cry to them too.. we did everything together holidays included ..he has left a massive hole inside of me.. I have done a part of the garden for him ...all lights up of a night ..I've had his portrait tattooed on my leg .. I know time is a healer .. it's just hurts waiting.. Thankyou for all your kind words x
  4. Thankyou KayC his departure has broke my heart in two x
  5. Thankyou Ben's mom for your reply. X
  6. 11 weeks of crying..I can't hardly breathe while i sob .. my beautiful boy is constantly on my mind.. my heart is so broken.. more so now the sunshine is upon us.. you loved the garden.. spending alot of time out there with me ..soaking up the rays whilst I pottered around being watched by you .. even doing the garden now doesn't fill me with the same passion without your presence . god I miss you .. you were perfect in every way.. I will never forget you .. How could I? You were my soulmate.. goodnite angel mommy loves you ..
  7. I'm sitting here writing this through tears. Feels like day 1... Will my broken heart ever mend? I've been doing some work in the garden and thought my BEAU would have loved this ..he loved to be sat in the garden with me , his little eyes twinkling from the sun rays shining in his little eyes.. I feel so lonely inside with out him, he was my strength, someone to get out of bed for in the morning , now on my 3rd tissue, he was my little man, I'm truly broken, I've lit a candle every single day of his passing, I watch super vets on tv , I think to myself would he have fixed my beautiful furry friend like he does all the others. I can't stand it that his not here We had such a perfect bond, he was my soulmate. I've done everything for him since, the plot in the garden full of lights that shine bright of night, his ashes close by, tattoo of his portrait on my leg, photos done, his bowls I can't bear to move yet and yet I still feel so damn sad.
  8. Hi I felt your sadness whilst reading your post.. I related to alot of your feelings.I'm so sorry sincerely for your loss.. don't apologise for writing and sharing your feelings. We have all experienced this utter devastation. I lost my soulmate of 14 years old 8 weeks ago.. there hasn't been a day yet I've not cried. The mere mention of his name breaks my heart.. I too have cried to family members on numerous occasions. I'm still heartbroken.. I miss him him so much .. everything reminds me of him .. I soon as I open my eyes his on my mind .. I loved him so much .. I want to see him again so badly.. Much love from me x
  9. Oh it took alot of talking to myself to get these .. I live on my own so I miss the company.. i spend alot of time at home being disabled too My Beau gave me everything and more, he was my soulmate. I know getting another has to feel right .. i also know the twins will be different.. there is only going to be one BEAU.. My family were becoming increasingly worried about my sadness but I know my boy wouldn't want me to be sad.. I never held my grief inside I cried whenever needed to to help with the healing I wish you luck and love ..
  10. Hi Mark you sound like you gave Bicky the utmost care and love, how lucky was he. I felt all your sadness reading your write up gosh the pain is so heart breaking. I lost my beautiful jack russell 7 weeks ago, to say he was my world is an understatement, I loved the ground he walked on. The tears I have wept have litterly tired my little body, I miss him so much My heart aches. The bungalow is so quiet without him. I go on a cruise in May when I return I collect my twins. I never will forget my baby ever, I've got his ashes in my bedroom, a beautiful memorial in my garden, and a beautiful tattoo of his face on my leg. He will never be replaced, I have been through all the agonising thoughts should I have done things differently, but I'm coming to terms very slowly that he was 14 and he was the most treasured animal, I talk to him everyday and have said mommy is sad with no one here and hope he understands no matter what my love will never die .. I'm too glad this forum is here, if it hadn't been I would have cracked I'm sure .. much love from me I'm going to name the twins Bubble and squeak
  11. Hello gooseandtysons mom Thankyou for the encouraging message.i have searched my area for a support group, there doesn't seem to be one. God's knows I have needed one. Luckily I have had alot of family support. They have listened to my grief and crying only up to yesterday. 7 weeks my baby has been gone . The acceptance is still to come.when I start talking about him I just break down. I'm on a cruise next month and if by luck a litter of yorkies have been born. I have reserved a brother and sister to join me after the cruise. I hope my BEAU won't mind.. don't want him to think I'm replacing him and will ever forget him .. because I never will.. he was and still is my little boy..my heart still aches over the loss.. I've cried a thousand tears and miss him soooo much Sorry to hear of your loss xxxx
  12. Hi Bailey's mom Thankyou for your message. I'm very sorry for your loss too on March 25 Mine was Feb 23 a date ingrained...your right I had many comments regards him. He was a jack russell Parsons long leg... Be 6 weeks this Saturday the pain is still a torment.. I'm crying as I write this. The bungalow is so damn quiet without him.. My heart is broke in two ..it aches for him..He was my soulmate..I have friends and family but feel so lonely.. I spoilt him rotton and I thank God I did .. Here's to the days my heart amends..
  13. 5 weeks today you left my side. I have everything I need and want in my life except you. I think I'm getting better at accepting you have gone, but still I cry another day..You gave me 14 wonderful years ...and now I'm empty without you ...I just want one more day to stroke you.. my heart breaking because that's not going to be ..You was my buddy and I cherished the ground you walked on .. god give me the strength to get through this...
  14. Sharon C

    My Beau

    Thank You for that link I read it all .. I understand what his saying ... had a little cry this morning thinking of something little .. I used to come from shopping put the bags down he used to prod his nose in all my bags ..see if there was anything for him ...There generally was ...he really was my soul mate and God damn I miss that little man 😭😭
  15. Hi Deedy felt compelled to write to you. Firstly what a beautiful little dog you had ..So cute.. I feel your devastation I really do... I won't say you will feel better overnight cause you won't.. I lost my Jack Russell of 14 years old a month ago.. I cried for 3 weeks solid I was inconsolable.. if I think too much now I will cry.. they really are our beautiful faithful babies.. I did things that would give me small comforts.. I did a beautiful place in the garden, it all lights up at night time , he was the light of my life so how fitting.. i collected his ashes, he sits with me in bedroom, but there was just one more thing I had to do, to have a tattoo portrait of him.. I'm happy now..... his bowls are still there I can't move them yet.. all I can say is don't hold back just cry if you have too... talk to another who knew your love for your Angel.. I didn't think I would feel better but I slightly do ... My thoughts are I gave him the best love and great life and I'm sure he took that with him..i read alot of write ups online regarding grief over pets..that helped.. I wish you all love and sincerely hope you heal in time xx
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