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  1. I hope his waiting at the rainbow bridge
  2. It’s 3 months today. Can’t believe It’s been 3mths. I watched some videos of him and had a good cry, I wish I had taken more. I guess I feel cheated that he was only 7yrs I should of had longer with him he deserved more more treats. I always dreaded him getting old and dying and it just feels like my worst nightmare has happened so soon. His gone already. Now I would give anything to see him get old and cuddle up with him.
  3. Thank you for reply. I’m sorry to hear about Mango. I also have another dog Jensen who has been great he misses Dex too and has been there. I think it’s now my housemate seems to not want to talk about him anymore and ready to move on I feel like I’m dwelling for my own sake and that make me feel bad. Dex was so happy so would want me to get on with things I don’t know whether having picture of him as screen saver on my phone are a good thing Or looking at pictures but I don’t want to forget him it feels to soon. I just miss him he followed me everywhere.
  4. hi everyone. my golden boy Dexter was a 7year old dog, full of life and love and suddenly became ill with cronic kidney failure. and colitis. i miss him so much its been 2 months and i cant stop thinking about him. he was my best friend and companion. i was in a bad place when i decided to get him as a pup and from the first moment we bonded it was truey special. i know everyone says that about their pets but he just made such an inpact to my life and now his gone i just feel completely lost, no anchor with out purpose. i keep busy and managed to function but i just feel empty without him. th
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