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  1. Tomorrow marks the 27th anniversary of my brother Tom's death. Back then it was the day after Thanksgiving not the day itself. Another brother just died October 1st of this year. I'm sad because Thanksgiving , when I was a child, was family gathering. I miss my family of origin... my Mom, Dad, and brothers and sister who have all passed. It's hard to focus on my family now ... though I love them very much and am grateful for them I feel sad and angry that the others are gone and not here anymore. I am angry at God, angry at my loved ones that they didn't take care of themselves health wis
  2. Just got a call from a friend who's grandson was killed in a tragic accident on a farm. In his grieving he asked how I was doing with the loss of my brother. We shared each others losses and the emotions. It made me realize, even more so, that death and loss do not discriminate. I truly felt continued support and love from another besides what my family has given me. Journaling and exercising also help in expressing my feelings of loss. What's been a shock to me is how grieving for my brother has taken me back to the death of my dad when I was 11 and how my brother was the first one to r
  3. Thanks for the response Kayc. I have been to this sight a few times in the past when my other brother passed at age 43, and when my sister passed at age 63. Though it has been years since both of them died grieving the death of my recent brother age 73 brings back memories of the other 2. I miss them very much. Holiday time of course is a flurry of family activity and there is a wole in my heart that can't be filled. Thanks for being here, again, to listen.
  4. My brother passed away on October 1st. I had spoken to him numerous times that week for which I am grateful. Handling his affairs kept me from avoiding the feelings of grief that have since come up clamoring for attention. They way this always happens is that something physical like sinus or stomach pain seems to come about. As soon as my brothers affairs started to settle is when the clamoring began. I have always used writing to express my love for those that I have lost. My brother was no exception. He stayed with my Mom in our home until she was too ill for him to handle and needed p
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