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  1. Kayc, Thank you again for your reassuring messages. It makes perfect sense when you say it. I've just had trouble seeing it that way when it comes to me. But your words really help. Take care. Janice
  2. Thank you. Now I'm feeling much worse again. I was going through my history tab looking for some articles for my job and came across my e-mail to the vet about Max, as well as searches on his bladder thickening. I go a little crazy when my pets are so sick and in his case, I knew he had gotten a lot worse but over the week before his death, kept giving him meds, fluids, etc. somehow thinking everything was the same and if I tended to him enough, he would be okay. Because I had it in my mind he was okay, I think I got too impatient with him, yelling at him to be quiet when he meowed
  3. KayC, I really appreciate your kind response. It's very helpful too, incredibly so. I intend to re-read it and checkout the links and video. Thank you so much for taking the time. And you certainly sound like a saint...a wonderful pet owner. I'm very sorry for your loss, too. Janice
  4. I had to have my 16-year-old cat Max put to sleep yesterday morning and miss him so much. I also feel very guilty that I was impatient with him at times when he meowed a lot and required so much care. He had gastrointestinal lymphoma and bladder thickening and it was the bladder thickening that became worse in recent weeks and ended causing him a lot of pain. He was on biweekly chemo pill, which I gave him at home and required other medications, as well as I.V. fluids several times weekly. The pain and discomfort was pretty well controlled until a few weeks ago when it gradually kept g
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