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  1. Not feeling emotions or being numb, is a coping mechanism your mind is using because its not ready to handle the actual emotions you need to feel. I had to battle this myself and I would deflect so much that after something made me upset, an hour later I couldn't remember it. When you feel upset, you really have to sit through it and self reflect on how you can do something in a healthier way. Therapy is great, I love it. They are there to help you and it is very you paced. They just let you vent really and then it provides a safe place for you to express your emotions and figure it our yourself and then you get to walk away from it at the end of the session. Once you start going its hard to not go.
  2. Hello, everyone! I wanted to talk about how your parent died really matters in the grief process and how long the grieving process takes. My father was an Alaskan State Trooper Who got murdered on May 1st 2014. This type of death really bothers me because it wasn't a disease you saw coming or anything like that. This was a choice that someone else made that now impact my life everyday. I have a minor in Psychology and am currently in A nursing Program. I plan on getting my nurse partitioning license in psychiatric care. I Find the grief process really interesting. Some of the things I have had to face was that I was very young when this occurred, it was right before my 17th birthday. All of a sudden I was the person in our family that had to hold it all together. My mom was mentally gone, as to be expected, And I had two other little sisters, 13 and 10. I had to Mature in my grieving process rather fast. I forgave the people who killed my father. Forgiving is not saying what they did is ok, it is the acknowledgment that it happened and for self growth and development we need to do that to forward out driving process. I spoke at my dads funeral, At that time I was 17 and stood in front of 50, 000 people and on television. Even though my dad was a Trooper, he was a person. People glorify his job and make it seem like thats all he was and thats false. We were his life and his joy. The grieving process is different for everyone, it is individual. The way in which your loved one dies matters greatly on how your grieving process starts and your coping strategies tell how your grieving process will end. I have learned that we never move on for our loved ones we move with them, and we hold them in our hearts everyday. Another thing I have learned is that your reality is only yours. No one else thinks about this death everyday like you do, don't get mad hen they don't remember. This just shows that you loved them.
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