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  1. Thank you for replying, I appreciate it so much right now. I am sorry to see that you have been through something similar, I wouldn't wish the pain upon anyone. It is very sad but comforting to know I'm not alone in this, as I've seen a lot of others posts. I'm very glad you were able to heal and move forward! While she hasn't broken things off with me yet it is really hard seeing her go through so much pain alone and feeling like she might no longer want me in her life. It's so scary to have my relationship feel like it is out of my control and the thought of her breaking up with me is engrav
  2. Id also like to add on that we had planned to go pick out a kitten today as we had always wanted to take care of a kitten together. We'd plan it would live at my house this summer and play with it non-stop. This is so sad... we bought all the equipment together and now its just sitting in my room staring at me, with no kitten. Obviously I don't care about the kitten anywhere near as much as my girlfriend but we were both so excited about it and now I'm afraid we won't even make it through the summer as a couple.
  3. Hello, my names Lindsey. I recently found this forum while I was searching how to help my girlfriend during her grieving. For context we've been together for almost 10 months, I'm 20 she's 21. We are extremely close and do everything together. We are a lot alike and communicate very well. We always reassure each other and are very affectionate. She knows how much I fear losing her and she has the same fear. My girlfriends father had been sick for awhile, over a year at least (he was sick before we started dating). She told me she always thought he would get better, but a couple weeks ago
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