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diann e

in time the tears become less but your memories never fade,you will always remember her.Its been 4 years since i lost cindy my mixed breed babe she was nearly 17 years old,i said i would never have another as it hurt so much and i could not replace her but somehow i ended up with 2.In a way they they remind me of her,Jake needing lots of love and extra care as he is epileptic and goldies nutty nature.

when i first got them 2 years after losing cindy i cried, as i felt i was betraying her, until my vet said she was glad i found it in my heart to give 2 other babes a very loving life.

Your pain will ease but it is early days.

Anyone who has loved and lost a special 4 legged member of thier family knows the heartache and sorrow you are feeling.

You must have given her so much love and fun in her life as she did you,but without your love and comitment she would not have been around for 18 years .

WELL DONE for being such a great mum to her.


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