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Time sensitive! The Truth About Pet Cancer - replay


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Sorry, folks. I didn't realize this free replay was up...possibly only for the rest of TODAY. But if you want a good overview on cancer in companion animals, this is part of the Truth About Cancer series. You can purchase the entire series if you miss either this replay or others now being replayed for free in different time increments:


This one will cover:




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Seems I was mistaken, there is NOT as huge a rush as I had thought, as each episode of this docu-series is left up for 2 days before the next one is "unlocked" for viewing.  There appear to be 5 in total, and today, episode 4 is playing. So you can watch any & all episodes up to #4 at this point.

To date, they have been:

1- The History

2- Hidden Hazards

3- The NEW Diet

4 - Heal and Repair

And 5 will be: Protect Your Pet

All this information is invaluable if you have any furbabies still with you, or hope or plan to adopt more in future. I already knew much of this basic info (because of what I went through with my own furchildren) and because I used technically, overall excellent holistic & homeopathic vets to learn from, but I also see things (the world/the system/food supplies, etc.) have become a LOT worse since I started digging into all these issues. So now this (updated) info becomes that much more critical to be aware of and act on, before it's too late to stem the tide of disease. 

I was also surprised, yet not surprised (as I'd pondered this idea long ago, thinking about the effects of hysterectomies in women, for example) to learn that exactly how (and as it always was, when) an animal is neutered/spayed is also of utmost importance to their future health! Mind you, back in the day, all vets performed those operations pretty much the same way, so I couldn't have utilized any newer techniques even had I known better.

I'm also familiar with a number of the vets they interviewed for this "pet" series, and even accessed some of their work & products after I lost my boy to a cancerous condition, to utilize on his sister's behalf as preventive measures. I have a great deal of respect for these wiser, extra-caring professionals. 

Yet I still find it traumatizing to hear this kind of info, all these years later, and ended up crying all over again, especially over my boy, who died far too young. But then I got THREE signs from him over 2 days, somewhat softening the pain I still feel over the recurring regrets that arise, like "if only I had known AAAAALL of this when I could have really used it!" *sigh* :(

In any case, I encourage everyone able to watch these for free to do so, before they're taken down...unless you plan on purchasing the whole "pet" series for yourself; you also then get another FREE copy to gift to someone else, AND, even a "veterinarian" version so your vet can watch too! (not terribly $$ either, at a cost of only $97 US for ALL that information laid right out for you) AND you get this series plus another pet series done by one of the presenters! The sheer amount of info covered is astounding. I have TTAC's original series (on human cancer) and can attest to the quality and due diligence of their work in order to "get the word out" to help save people, and now, our beloved animals, too. 

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