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Losing A Pet Is Just As Traumatic As A Human

Guest marjorie hall

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Guest marjorie hall

As a dog owner all my life, and one who has had to let go her beloved dogs as it was time to let them go I just want to add my input. If you know of anyone who has lost a pet,especially if they have been with them in their family for many years, Please Understand their loss is just as significant as losing a family human member. Our pets are our family. They are with us more times than our human members. They share more emotions with us than anyone else. And I have cried a river of tears for any of my dogs that had to leave for "doggie Heaven". There is an ache you can't explain. And for me the worse part of my loss right now is the routine I had for my beloved Brandy. She woke me up each morning, wanted to go outside then eat. She watched me carefully if I picked up my purse and car keys, because then she knew it was her ride in the car. She loved to bring to her doggie bed each night one of my shoes or even my jacket hanging on the door. She asked for very little except to be loved. And may I add this important fact. Brandy was a rottie. And please don't brand that breed as terrible dogs. They are wonderful dogs who really love people. When you isolate them they rebel. So blame mankind for their bad name please not the breed.Brandy had two pups who each got cancer at an early age and I had to let them go. When I use the words "let them go" I mean it's something you have to face when it is time for your pet to leave. If the pain and lack of mobility is real, think of them not just how you feel about letting go.It is not easy but do something nice for another pet if you loose your pet. I am going to check out rottie rescue groups so I can give some wonderful pet the best home they can have with me. Thank you for reading my topic. And remember our pets never leave us.

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