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Grief Healing Discussion Groups

Grief and Loss



  1. General Grief & Loss Topics

    This is an area where you can dicuss topics around death, loss, and bereavement in general.

  2. Living with Loss

    This forum is for those whose grief is no longer fresh and raw, and whose issues may differ from those who are newly bereaved. You may have made it through the second year and beyond, but you're still in need of the companionship, understanding and support of others you'll find here as you continue on your journey. You may wish to share with others what you've learned along the way, some signs of your own progress, how this experience has changed you, what discoveries you've made about yourself, or where you plan to go from here.

  3. New Beginnings

    As you continue to come to terms with the impact of loss on your life, you may notice your focus shifting from why this death happened to how you have grown through this experience to become a stronger person. With some satisfaction, you’ll look back on all the new tasks you have mastered, the new roles you’ve had to fill, the changes you’ve endured, and recognize how you’ve grown. As you ponder where you’ve been, where you are now and what needs to happen next, you may see a whole new you looking back at you in the mirror – someone who’s stronger, kinder and wiser than the person you once were.

  4. Tools for Healing

    As we travel our individual grief journeys, we may find it helpful to return to activities of self-expression that satisfy or relax us, or we may discover new ones that bring us comfort and relief, helping us to feel calmer, more relaxed and less stressed. Here we can recommend and share whatever helps us feel informed, cared for and nurtured: the ideas, tools, resources and practical information we can revisit and use throughout our grief experience (books, music, videos, meditations, quotations, poetry, art, writings, webinars, seminars and the like).

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