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Goodbye My Angel....


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I'm not even sure why I'm here other than I am overwhelmed with grief and the feeling of a need to talk about what I am feeling right now.

Just over 12 hours ago my Pebbles, my sweet and loving companion of 14 years left me.

I've spent moments crying and moments too numb to cry. When I cry I wish I could stop and when I am not crying I feel guilty for not crying.

I never in my life could have imagined the feelings I am feeling now. I feel like part of me is gone. I wonder how I can go on without her, and how life can ever hold the same meaning

I'm scared, frightened, sad, and alone. feel like most people don't understand how I can feel this over the death of an 'animal' as though its somehow less.

My pebbles, was my daughter, my companion, and my friend. She was more than a four legged furry critter to me.

I find myself with so many questions about having done the right thing for her, and where she might be now, if anywhere. My foundation has been rocked.

I am sure these feelings will in time die down some and I'll be able to function. For right this moment, I just would rather have been the one to die.

Goodbye my friend, fly with the angles that you were one of while here, and know that while I miss you terribly, you will always be with me in a very real sense.

Love you sweetheart


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Dear Evainefaye,

All my sympathies to you for the loss of your darling daughter, Pebbles. I fully understand the amount and intensity of the grief that follows a furbaby's passing, and nothing in the world brings out more of my compassion than this.

I lost one of my own furchildren over 6 years ago and am now experiencing anticipatory grief over his sister who is now 19 and quite ill, though stable enough for now....so I 'get' it, more than you would know.

Part of you is gone, in a sense, in that all your daily interactions and sharing with your dear one are suddenly missing, and so it feels like that part of your heart and soul has left, too. The void can be huge, just huge....And no, too many people don't understand, nor want to and that's just the sorry truth. But those of us who have loved and been loved by our own furred, feathered or whatever'd little souls, DO. Please feel more than free to come back and share whatever you like about Pebbles, your grief journey and anything else you need help with. It's a painful road and is never meant to be taken alone.

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