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Goodbye Bear, you have been a good, warm hearted friend for many years. It seems like yesterday that you were a puppy, dancing around the yard. Going for walks, chasing lizards, and frogs. Just being there, watching over us as we slept, and when we did our normal chores around the house. you played Daddy to all of our furry friends both cats and dogs. you never complained and always was glad to see either of us. because of your health, I had to put you to sleep, but it was a very hard choice. I miss you very much. I remember so many good times with you, watching you play with Larry the cat, comforting Oscar the cat when he was a kitten. watching over Snookie the dog, when her momma died and we inherited her. Being there to comfort my wife and I when things were not good. You have been a very faithful friend. I love you a lot. You have been with us when we moved accross the country and then again when we moved back again. You went with us to the Grand Canyon and walked around with us. All of the night walks we did over the years, were really special. I will miss them. There will never be another dog quite like you. I hope that Fern and Shelby found you on the other side and that you are happy and not in pain any longer. I hope to see you again when I pass on. I remember the times we snuck you into a movie theater. snuck you into a few hotel rooms. you are my buddy. It was real hard letting you go today, I am glad that you are no longer in pain, your body was just giving out, but it was still very hard to let you go. You have been with us for a very long time. It seems like you have always been with us. it really seems empty with out you. I still see you in my minds eye, bright eyed, smiling that doggy smile you do. happy to see us. The last few years have been hard on you. With all of the turmoil that was going on, I didn't pay you the attention that you deserved. I am sorry. You became real weak, and we could not walk as much or as long as we did before. You could not breath well when it got above 50 degrees. We used to walk you legs off and you loved it, I saw that mentally you still wanted to do that but physically you were unable to do it. You have taught me alot about unconditional love, true friendship, patience, and trust. I wish you were here so I could pat you head and rub your ears. You always looked so cute when you would curl your lip when puzzling something out. You really were a good friend, and companion. I am very glad that you were in my life. Where ever and when ever you live again, I hope you life is good, with lots of kids to play with, and puppies to play with, places to see, smell, and explore. animals to meet. and a good easy life. I love you and miss you.

Bye Bear

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