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The "eyes Of God"


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Just found this interesting article while looking for an animal communicator, that I'd like to share with all fellow animal lovers/grievers. It's from George Anderson's website ( supposedly the best medium in the world right now ). Just scroll down to the article by him entitled "The Eyes of God" to read about his 'take' on how precious, valued and important animals really are. His view ( learned from his million or so readings of passed people ) is what I've always felt in my OWN soul, even if it's not yet widely sanctioned in society. Of especial note is what he warns about those who abuse/neglect animals. I know I certainly don't ever have to worry about this for myself! Also interesting is the article he did on the Catholic religion ( he's Catholic himself ), Heaven, Hell, etc., for those of you who might have concerns about religious doctrine. I forget the title of that article, but if you peruse all of them, you'll find it.

Messages Of Hope ( The Eyes of God, included )

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Hi Maylissa,

What a nice article, I really enjoyed reading it... Thank you for sharing it will all of us... I have not lost a pet lately but I know where to come when that day happens... Take care and God Bless You Shelley

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