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I just lost my best buddy yesterday, Roo. He was a great cat (black). He wasn't just a cat he was friend and companion. For us his cancer came on very suddenly and there was no treatment options. It's amazing how many things will remind me of him and then the realization of loss. With that comes off the emotions. I realize I'm just beginning in the cycle of grief and in time some of the sadness will be gone. But I sure do miss him.

Thankyou for allowing me to ramble. My deepest sympathies to all that have lost a pet

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I'm so sorry to read about Roo, I have been grieving over the lose of my dog for about a month now and haven't stopped, I cry everyday. It is so difficult to go through this, but we are so lucky to have this bond with our pets. Roo was a wonderful companion for you as Maggie was for me, but we now know that they are out of pain............. and we hope that someday we will meet them at Rainbow Bridge.

I now know that this is a very difficult process, but I hope that someday you can find peace in knowing that she loved you so much and is now happy to be out of her pain.

Peace forever to you.


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Hi Roo's Mom,

My heart goes out to you! I know this is painful.

You sound like such a loving Mom. Just know that your Roo is in complete bliss now--in a state of love and bliss that we, in our physical beings, can't even fathom. And you'll be reunited. So, all is well.... except for the process of the painful grieving. And I guess that's what brought us together here at this board. Support is so valuable. Write any time.

Much love and comfort to you,


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Just to make matters worse. We were to receive Roo's remains. Unfortunately someone made a mistake and did a general cremation, meaning his remains were put with other pets. Now we don't get Roo back to have some final closure, if there really ever is. I'm anger about this and don't blame anyone, yet. It unfortunately brings up alot of emotions for myself that I wasn't expecting to deal with.

Thanks for listening / reading.

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