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Haven't posted in a while, but have been reading.

I have had a really bad week - missing Mokey like it was just last week that she died - instead of almost three months ago. As I tried to figure why - I realized that last year at this time, Moke was going thru a life threatening medical emergency. The vet had informed us that her chances for survival were poor. We all had a difficult couple of days, then following an emergency surgery, she made an amazing recovery. It appearred to be an isolated incident. It was an issue completely unrelated to her actual cause of death.

During this same week last year, my senior horse was also experiencing the first of his dramatic symptoms. We did not know from day to day if he would make it. He did recovery somewhat - but died April 1.

I know it is not uncommon to experience an intensification of grief on the anniversary dates of losses. But what about anniversaris of this sort? Can anyone else relate?

I remember how happy I was when Mokey recovered last November. She was such a joy to be around.

For those of you interested in the state of our surviving cats- The big tom and our older female, Oreo, seem to be bonding. The turning point came when Tom couldn't find Oreo. (She was having a respiratory problem so we had her inside for the night.) The tom's mewoos were so mornful as he looked for her. Since then, they seem to be developing a friendship and even sleep curled next to each occasionally.

Thanks for being here


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