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I was doing some cleaning in the office tonight and ran across this letter that one of Karen's co-workers had written after her death. I thought it approiate to post it here.


I wanted to tell you that you left way too soon from this Earth. We still had so much to do and talk about. I will miss our talks on Monday mornings reheashing Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. Don't worry, I will still keep you updated with the latest. Sometimes we talked a little longer than we should have because we should have been working, but I have no regrets. I cherish those moments I spent with you.

Carsarooni as you called him will miss his mommy terribly, but we will make sure that we tell him how special you were. You were the best mom ever! Not to mention a great aunt to Shelby. I am sure she will never forget how you helped her when she needed you the most.

Now that you are up in Heaven, watch over us please and pray for us. Those of us that you left all have heavy hearts today, and we will miss you; but never forget you.

So goodbye for now Karen. Gig 'em!



I love and miss you Karen

Love Derek

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Hi Derek,

What a beautiful letter from your late wife's co-worker, I am sure she knows that you all loved and cared about her and she is up in heaven watching over all of you... I often wonder if we talk in prayer to our loved ones do they hear us.. I will say a special prayer for you and your son and Hope with God's love you can all see each other some day soon... Take care Shelley

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