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Family Gathering This Time Of Year


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Hi All,

Well Christmas is almost over for me and I can honestly say I am very glad.

My family did manage to get together for two hours on the 23rd and boy what fun that was. NOT!! Than it was my brother in-laws side of the family on the 24th and I did not want to go but my brother in-law said no one should be alone on Christmas Eve so off I went... Another disappointing and miserable evening... Now the 25th I really did not have much sleep and the children woke up early and wanted me to see them open gifts so I manage to stay awake for that.... I put on one of those fake happy faces so they did not realize I was not enjoying Christmas... But I am certainly glad it is almost over.... I am sorry if this is too depressing for anyone to read but I just had to vent... Thanks for listening and Take care Shelley

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