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I had 2 boston terriers that had spent most of their lives together. One I have had since she was a puppy, the other I adopted from the humane society after they rescued her from her terrible owners. Last week, Chloe, the one I got from the humane society was killed by the neighbors german shepards. It has been the hardest week, I think of her all of the time. I miss her so much, but I think Libbey is grieving also. Libbey saw everything happen, now she will not leave my side. She follows me around all day and sleeps with me at night. She hasn't eaten an entire bowl of food since last week, and has only drank a little bit of water. When I cry, she shakes uncontrolably. Do I need to worry, or is it just normal for animals to do this.

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I'm so sorry about Chloe's tragic death! And for the excruciating grief you and Libbey are now experiencing. I can only imagine.

Personally, I don't know about dogs' reactions to grief, especially in your case, where Libbey witnessed this ghastly killing first-hand. My guess would be that her shaking and lack of appetite, etc., are related to what she saw. She must have been so traumatized by seeing this--not only the killing, but the killing of her dear sister. Maybe when you cry she feels more vulnerable? I know that those who witness violent crimes are subject to post-traumatic stress disorder, nightmares, etc. etc.

I really feel for you and Libbey in your time of pain. I hope that the people in your life are supportive. Come here as often as you need! And hold Libbey close. You and she will get through this together, one day at a time. You both loved Chloe dearly; you may even find that this tragedy brings the 2 of you closer than ever.

And know that Chloe is ok now--free of any pain, emotional or physical--and in pure bliss. You all will be reunited, I am sure, when it's your time.

Please write again and let us know how you are doing.

Sending you strength and comfort,



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