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I have been as short sighted as anyone else in failing to let my dear loving wife know what she truly meant to me. Because of that, I write this letter to her as a tribute.

Dear Brenda,

On May 8, 1990 we met by our own destiny to make something very special to the both of us. There was an immediate attraction not only physically, but spiritually as well. We were like two pieces of a puzzle that were meant to be joined together. I asked God at that time to bless me with a gift that for 35 years I hadn’t had – the perfect help mate. I am a firm believer that we only get that gift once in a lifetime and I was given mine. I cherished every second of our short time together. Every smile, gentle touch of your hand, sparkle in your eyes, and tear will forever be burned into my memory. You touched parts of my heart that no one else ever could or will again.

For that, I thank you.

You gave me something that very few people in this life may never have, a burning love that lasts into eternity. You gave me a life that even in tough times, was an absolute joy. With you at my side I knew I could do anything because I was doing it for us. You made me into a faithful, decent, and honest man that I grew to be proud of. I never told you, but I was asked many times what had changed me(in a good way). That change was brought about by you. I am so sorry that I didn’t tell you how you much of a positive affect that you had on me – most men are not good with words. I give my parents the credit for making me, but you were responsible for my good qualities to shine in this life.

For that, I thank you.

For the few times we argued, the times I should helped you more, the missing opportunities of holding your hand or holding you in my arms, the silence while watching television or driving somewhere, and not calling you more often from work – PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!

For the most part, I kept my promises to you and gave you the best life I could. I honored and cherished you in sickness and in health just as I promised in our wedding vows. I made you my entire life and it was a beautiful life indeed. The many roses I gave you were not enough. We made many more happy memories than sad ones.

For that I thank you.

Even though I still have issues with God taking you, I understand that he takes the weak ones into his care and leaves the stronger ones to deal with this life on earth. It does require a strong body and soul to face the difficulties that life tends to through at you and he knows who can handle it and who can’t. I took care of you that last four years in your painful sickness without any misgiving or regret. It was my honor to do what I could for you and I wish I could relive those last years over and over again, but I know it wasn’t to be.

For every day that I had you for sixteen years, I am thankful and feel blessed until my life here is gone. If I were given the chance to live the same life with you over again I would gladly do so. I lost you on May 17, 2006 after sharing over sixteen years of heaven on earth. I look forward to seeing you again in a much better place than I am today. I have and always will LOVE YOU.

From your one and only,

Rose Bandit

(PS: For anyone that reads this and still has that special someone living in their life – go straight in to them right now and along with showing them how you feel tell them how much they mean to you. I’ll never regret getting up every morning and going to bed every evening of my married life kissing my wife and telling her I Love her. The only regret I have is not telling her how many ways she made my life special.)

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