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Happy Birthday Marnie


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happy birthday my sweet baby

i will never forget the day you came into my life

your little scared face really made my heart ache

i fell for you big time,and knew that i would be so proud of you,and i was so so proud.

if i was down my sweet chick you was always there for me,i remember the little nudges you gave me as if to say,im here mummy.

i could never be upset with you,but i didnt need to you was so good for me,most days you would have the whole house on your own for sometimes up to 3 hours and you never touched a thing,just waited for me to come home.

thankyou baby for being in my life,you truly did light my life up and i will never forget you ever.

i love you marnie queen. xxx

my baby would have been 3 today and im absolutely gutted,my life isnt the same without marnie :(

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What a beautiful tribute to your dear Marnie! I am so sorry for your loss and your deep pain. I don't think that anyone can touch our hearts the way that a beloved pet can.

I also lost a wonderful dog at a very young age-she wasn't quite 2 when we had to put her down due to kidney failure. That was 7 months ago and the intensity of pain, as well as the frequency of pain has lessened with time, but I still think of her everyday and miss her and think how unfair it was that she should have been snatched from us at such an early age. Losing a pet of any age is hard, but for me, trying to deal with the shock of losing her so young has been hard. I do hope as time moves on, you will begin to feel a bit better.

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