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As I keep seeing new/different names come on here that live in the Phoenix area, I just want all of them to know of our widow/widower lunch get-together that we have here every 3rd Saturday. We meet at the Applebee's on Central and Camelback (we keep talking about changing the spot because of all the construction going on...but so far we haven't) at 1pm. There is anywhere from 6-12 people there - there are both men and women (actually there is usually only 1 guy). We chat and laugh and just enjoy getting out with some people that you have a common bond with. It's not a mournful thing by any means - we just have lunch and chit-chat. It's really a good time - must be 'cause everyone seems to come back!

Everyone is welcome! (even if you don't live in phoenix or arizona.... if you want to "pop" in for lunch, come on down!!) If you have any questions or anything about the lunch, please reply here and I'll get back to you. March's lunch is 3/17 - hummm, think that's St. Patty's day!


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