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all i have done today is think of my sister and my grandma my sister died age 30 nearly 4 years ago and my grandma she died november just gone from breast cancer oh i cant belive the things you wanna say when they aint here any more i keep thinking what if i said this what if i did that i havnt cried over my grandma which i was very close to except the day they buried her i think i was happy she had gone because the breast cancer left her in so much pain but i miss her so much and my sister i have my sisters daughter with me and sometimes we can talk sometimes we cant and she is only 12 she wants to know things about her mum she was only 9 when she died and i cant tell her without crying and i dont want her to remember her mum like that i want her to remember the good things about her can any 1 give me any advice thankyou andrea p.s i love lisa and ada xx

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Hi Andrea,

That is funny in away that you posted this because I have just been doing the same sort of thing today... My mom died in April of 2005 and my dad died in August of 2005 and I have been thinking of them so very much today... I have also been thinking of my aunt Shirley and Uncle Don who died in 2003... My aunt in March of 2003 and my uncle Don who died in August of 2003... My thoughts have been centered on the times we spent together at the cottage and what fun it was.... I have not had that kind of fun since than... I think that we see things that make us think of our lost loves and than our minds just wander through the memories we had with them... Take care and I will pray for you Shelley

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