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Magical Scottie


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Thank you MartyY, AnnieO, and Maylissa for your open hearts and willing ears.

She was one of the treasured rescues we have been blessed to bring into our home, and although there was something special about each and every single one, this magical Scot brought me joy for which there are no words. I am writing her story and it would give me great pleasure for you to get to know her and her magic. The writing helps, although I find myself riding the roller coaster sliding into that black pain just after a moment of smiling from something remembered. There is no pain like a soul crying, is there! Again, thank you.


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You are exactly right, the pain, the roller-coaster.etc.

My mom died Dec.7th 2006 and that very same night I had to put my 8 yr old Bernese Mountain dog to sleep. It was a total shock and not expected at all.

He was such a wonderful companion to me and I like to think he went with my mom to be her companion. But, now I am left without my 2 best friends.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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