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I Will Be Here


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Hi All,

I just wanted to tell everyone since the time I wanted to give up I have received so much support from everyone here I just wanted you all to know that as long as people need me here I will be here to try to help others who are facing the loss of their loved ones.... I know that I am not qualified to give real information but if people need someone to just talk to or just someone to listen I will be here.... Take care All and God Bless you All Shelley

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The only "real information" that you need to give is your experience and your thoughts and feelings. People can sift through and take what's appropriate for them.

We may not have certifications and degrees that enable us to give qualified, informed and therapeutic counseling, but we have the practical experience of having lost someone through death and we can speak from the heart.


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Paul is right. I sometimes even think that we are better qualified to give advice to each other because some therapists and such haven't even experienced what we have. Sharing our stories, worries, questions and experiences is so helpful. You have been a big help to many of us....thanks.



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Hi Paul and Shell,

Thank you for replying to my post, If that is all we can do is share than I know I will be able to do that... I just wanted people to know that I am here and willing to listen and share information that I can share... Take care Shelley

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