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Stopping By

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It has been awhile since I have been here and I am happy to see there still are those here who helped me through soem difficult times. Paul S, Shelly,Marty, Derek and many of you who just were there for support. I am deeply grateful to have "met" folks who are a credit to the whole race.

I wish you peace and sincerly thank you for your guidance.



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Hi Charlie1,

I am so very glad to hear from you again, after all you are still one of the family no matter how long it has been... It has been over two years since my mom died and it will be two years in August for my dad... It does not matter how long since the death it just matters that we are here to help each other and ourselves deal with this journey of grief we are all on... Take care and please post whenever you need too... I will be here and so will so many others Shelley

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