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Birthday Blues

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hi every 1 im starting to feel a little down my sister should have been turning 34 this month instead shes been in the ground for 3 going on 4 years. I have to say this year isnt has hard as last year but its still hard and on top of that i have just found out im gona loose her daughter that has lived with me for 3 years she is going back to live with her dad :( when she goes it will be like losing her mum all over again having her here has kept me strong im sorry for going on but you lot on here have been so nice thanks andrea x

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Hi Andrea,

First of all I want to say that I am truly sorry for your loss, and that eventhough I have never loss a sibling I know how rough it is to have a loved one birthday happen and not having that loved one there to enjoy the day... My mom died in April of 2005 and dad died in August of 2005 and everyday I miss them especially on their birthdays.... Take care and I hope your hurting is less and less as time goes by... Shelley

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