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First Yard Sale Since Their Deaths

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Hi All,

I am having a yard sale tomorrow it will be the first one since we had so many when my parents died... I just have so many mixed feelings about having this one tomorrow... I was the only one in the family who did the sales for my parent's belongings... So now here I am again saling more stuff and thinking about how we sold all their stuff before... I hated seeing everything being sold and after that day I told everyone I would not have another and boy it did not take long to change my mind for good or bad I am having one tomorrow... Take care Shelley

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Well, That is it I am not having another yard sale for the rest of my life... My sister's friends came by and kept mentioning when we had the yard sales at my parent's place and that was all I needed to hear.... Take care Shelley

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I'm sorry Shelley that this is a rather late reply, but I kind of know how you feel about the yard sale.

I did not participate in the estate sale of my Mom (and Dad's) things way back in Jan 2006, as I just could not cope with the callous way my sister (the estate's executor) considered my Mom's things.

I held very nasty thoughts towards everyone who showed up for the sale (I drove past the house once or twice, that was enough!!! :angry: ).

I can just see people picking through the stuff, making cheap offers. ARRGH!!!! :angry2:

I doubt I'll ever have a yard sale. If I need to get rid of things I'll just donate them to charity or give them away. I don't foresee needing to have one anytime soon, but if I ever move, perhaps I'll re-think it.

Take care.


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Hi PaulS,

I could not cope with the sale of my parents things but that is how my family did things... If I did not help with the sale of my things or my parents things than I had to leave the house and not return... I was so numb and very upset the way things were handle but I had no where else to go so I did as I was told to do.... They had the real estate agent in one week after dad's funeral, I do not think I will ever forgive them for that either because I was so very upset with the deaths and they made me show the agent around the house... As the agents left by the front door I could not hold it is any longer and I sat on the couch right in front of them and start to real cry.... I have alot of things bottled up to do with the family but that is life I guess now.... Shelley

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