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the beautiful greek summer is here .The sun the see the light .I jstcan not unterstand why Yiani had to go..WE loved and enjoy this season so much Ican not go back to the summer house memories of happy days are all over .I cannot believe its all gone I miss him so much now that friends think i must be OK WAVES of grief and tears arae over my head my body my soul hope you understand my english thanks for being there Avoise from far away Teny .

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Teny- We definately understand your English and we understand your pain!! I am sorry you are hurting so much, but I promise that things will get a little easier, over time. It takes a long time and you won't stop missing him, but the tears will be less often.

It's been almost 25 months for me and I STILL miss him SO VERY much!!!! Life is a lot harder without him...no one to talk over problems with and that kind of thing.

I am sending you HUGS through the computer, today!!! Take care of yourself. Keep coming here - we'll help you through this.


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