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Hey! How Is Every1?


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I know i'm talking for every one that went on the trip by saying it was pretty much amazing. I just wanted to thank you all for being so great. I also wanted to thank all the people that made it possible for all of us to go on a life changing trip. I am just trying to get all the people that went on the trip to chat on here and keep in touch. We all want to hear for you and see how you are doing. I for one fell in love with all of you :wub:. Thanks xoxoxoxoxo ~Load Lauren :lol:

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Hi Lauren, thanks for posting your message. So far we have two posts from GGW participants. Keep up the good work with recruiting others. It was an amazing trip this year. I keep looking at our photos and having fond memories. Did you have a favorite activity that we did? Let me know. Talk with you later. Stacia. :D

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Hi Lauren as for returning you email, here it goes. I have been pretty busy getting everything ready to go for California, i have ordered the truck to move, sold my old car, bought a new car, paid my first months rent and am ready to move in. I am so sorry i could not attend the reunion, god knows i was really looking forward to that. I miss you guys alot and think about you often, and if you ever need someone to just listen to you i can do that, you have my number and email from the journal, or those of you who have facebook and/or myspace can find me there. well my summer is coming to an end and i am headed off to my last party with my friends for the summer. Get back to me i would like to hear from each and every one of you!

From Head to Toe

Marc Burillo B)

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