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I Miss Captain


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You will always miss him, but you won't always be sad. My first cat died in 2002. I had her for 16 years and she was my baby, too. She was strictly a mama's girl. I had to have her put to sleep, which added to my grief. She died in April and I got another cat in Aug. This may be too soon for some people, but it was what I needed. The cat I adopted was six months old and came from a no-kill shelter. My mother's cat, who was older, readily accepted her and they have been friends ever since. I love her and she is my sweetie, although I have never forgotten my other cat and pray every night for God to take care of her and tell her her mama still loves her. Hope this will help you.

Love from my two babies, Alley Cat and Callie

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thanks for the note.

I have 2 dogs and 2 cats still, so they help alot with the grief of losing captain and of losing my mom. When I had to put captain to sleep I went to the hospital to visit my mom, she wanted to be there with me so badly but was so sick, she really loved captain and shed a few tears. Captain really was a sweet thing. I know he's up there with my mom and she's taking great care of him.

Thanks again


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