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Psychic Pets ~~ Is Your Pet Psychic?


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Here's a link to a fun and informative article that will introduce you to the world of telepathic communication between you and your animal companions, or if you wish to practice more, even with the wild beings outside your door. If you think it sounds far-fetched, I can assure you it works and works well, it's REAL, and I did this all the time with both Sabin and Nissa (but it was easier and more pronounced with Sabin, my Master Teacher wink.gif )!! This can open up a whole, new realm of fun and deeper understanding of what's really real, and also will explain why our babies oftentimes are so cognizant of our passed babies' presence around us. MY babies taught me all this all on their own - I didn't have to learn it from anybody else....but did learn some of the 'tricks of the trade' from others.....like using this skill to prepare them for things to come. Learn what's really going on......and have FUN! The possibilities are endless! If you're dedicated, you can have a whole lifetime of an even more meaningful, richer and deeper relationship with your beloveds, just as I did. :wub:

If the article isn't at the top of the screen when you link to this page, just scroll down. It's the 4th article on the page (the articles don't come up each separately). (the article on GUILT precedes this one, on the same web page)

Ancient Stardust - Psychic Pets; Guilt articles

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