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I'll Miss You, Walt

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Hi Walt, I hope you are reading this. This is Jan 44. I lost my wonderful husband of 43 years, David, in April 2007. You Have helped me get through these early months so much and I just wanted to say "Thank You".

I started seeing a Grief Therapist 6 weeks ago and she told my that it may never get easier or better , but my coping skill will improve and get stronger. I "celebrated" my 43rd Wedding Anniversary this past Sunday, 13 Oct.(Yes, I still consider myself married and I always will) I couldn't imagine earlier how I was going to get through it. The grief and lonelyness were still there, of course, as were the tears, but I coped, and I was able to relive many wonderful memories.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you Thank You and God Bless. I hope your journey gets easier and your coping skills stronger. Jan :wub:

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Thank you Teeny. I have been following your postings also and pray daily for you. At first I didn't think a Grief Therapist would help anything, but after about 6 weeks, I do believe she is helping. My coping skills are improving although the grief, pain, and tears are ever present. Take care of yourself. I have found that the understanding, support and love of my children and my friends is the most important things in my life right now. That and my love and memories of my beloved, David. Jan

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