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My digital camera was not working Sunday morning when we held Nvwati's Celebration of Life/Memorial Feast so I bought one of those disposable cameras.

On Tuesday after I had used up all the film I was in my scooter with the camera in the basket of my scooter to the drug store to get the film developed.

I got to the drug store three blocks away and the camera was gone! I double checked the route and it was no where to be found.

Ok.......... so MAYBE someone picked it up saw it was used and tossed it in the trash. I can buy that.............. BUT

Yesterday I bought another camera. Came home took pictures of Mkwaa and Yukon Jack and about a dozen pictures of Nvwati's urn, memorial plaque etc.

Brought that camera to the drug store to get it developed. Returned 20 minutes later and got the cd of pictures home. NOT ONE PICTURE OF NVWATI's URN MEMORIAL PLAQUE etc. came out.

This is too weird. Its like he's telling me he wants those memories in my mind and not in pictures.

The fool I am, I get ANOTHER camera today. Not sure I am going to try to get pictures at this point.

Has anyone ever had these weird things happen?

I suspect Nvwati is playing with me.

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No, I've never had anything quite like that happen, myself, but have heard of many strange things like that happening after someone crosses....like images of them appearing on pictures when they weren't there, orbs of light, and the like. I recently saw an online picture someone had taken of their sister sitting on her couch, where an unmistakably clear image of an angel, complete with wings and long robe, was at the end of the hallway behind this woman's sister! And Nissa's Reiki lady told me of a picture one of her client's friends took of her client's fireplace mantel, after this client's cat had passed, where her cat's HEAD was clearly visible beside a picture on the mantel. She saw this pic herself, so I know it's a true story.

Myself, I took a nighttime recording around Nissa's One Year mark and ended up with what sounds to both me and my H like a bird chirping 3x's. I had 2 budgies early in life whom I loved dearly....so it may have been one, or both of them.

That must be heartbreaking, though, to have lost all your pics of Nvwati's Life Celebration! Good thing you also have the memory of Mkwaa/Nvwati singing her/his heart out there! :wub: (it's also SO nice you even got to have such a memorial celebration for him!...I assume others were there to share in it?)

Its like he's telling me he wants those memories in my mind and not in pictures.

If that's what your intuition/gut is telling you, then perhaps that's what's right. And if you DO try taking more pics and this still happens, you'll know for sure....or maybe you'll even get something different, but just as compelling to ponder.

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LOL I can hardly wait to see what is in store. Going to the park today to take pictures and will take a few more and if these pics of Nvwatis Memorabalia do not turn out I will say OK.

Mkwaa is a she by the way lol..... She's my little she bear. Mkwaa is bear in my language Anishnawbek (Ojibway)

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Well, SURE it's possible, and even quite common, in many different forms, judging by anecdotal evidence among animal folks.

It definitely happened with Sabin and Nissa, after Sabin crossed. For just one example, Sabin had this massive, deep-throated and really loud YOWL that he did whenever he was REALLY in the mood to keep playing with one or both of us (me or Nissa) and one of us had stopped short of the mark....sounded sort of like "YowOOOP! YowOOOP!" (not very cat-like at ALL! :lol: ) He'd sit, looking frustrated as hell, often at the bottom of the stairs, and vocalize this repeatedly unless someone came back to carry on with the playtime. Nissa, although also very loud and vocal (they both had some kind of Oriental bloodline in them, likely some Siamese I was always told), had never, ever done this herself - she had her own ways, and her voice, although similar to her brother's, was of course distinctively her own.

However, awhile after we'd lost her brother, one day Nissa suddenly sat at the bottom of the stairs and started Sabin's banshee of a call!! I FLEW out into the hall, heart racing, mind stunned, honestly thinking that this was my BOY calling me! Yes, it was THAT close in sound, despite the differences in their vocal cords. I stood, staring at my girl in total wonder and all I could say was, "Boo-Boo? (my most common nickname for him).....is that really YOU?!?!?" And when I did....Nissa TOOK off, all full of spunk, JUST like Sabin always did.

And this was only one of several such events that let me know, without a doubt, that they could, indeed, 'borrow' or share bodies and consciousnesses with others, just to let us know they were STILL THERE, right with us. :wub::wub::wub:

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