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Thank You All For Being Here.


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I watched as I gave the o.k. to put my precious Sheeba to sleep Wednesday, October 24. This has been the most painfull 10 days of my life. I would not have made it to work if it were not for this web site. My husband and I have no human children and like Bruzers Daddy we also are in our 40's. I have guilt like Rykersmom over euthanizing a creature that brought so much Love into our home, our lives. And my other cat "Monster" (named so because he sleeps under the bed)is grieving, searching, for his playmate much like Mkwaa. I rescued Sheeba off of "death row" at the animal shelter 10 years ago. And she was the most loving thing following me all around the house like a puppy. She Loved my husband dearly too and was always social and cuddly with guests. It's amazing the huge gaping void her absence has left. I want to thank you Mylissa for helping me prepare for the inevitable "get over it" from friends and co-workers. We buried Sheeba in my mother-in-law's back yard. God bless you all.

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Tami, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious cat. I feel fortunate that I never had to make the decision, that my Nvwati made it for himself. I only wish I had more time with him realizing this was what he was doing. It all happened so fast.

Im sure Sheeba knew you were doing what was best for her, knowing she was sick.

She loved you to the end after you rescued her from death row and I know in death she is still loving you.

Take care

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I'm so sorry about Sheeba and for you having to also make that dreaded decision on her behalf. I know.....it goes contrary to absolutely every maternal/paternal instinct and feeling we've always held in our hearts for our babies. It's a two-sided coin in that it feels so WRONG to end their lives, but it's also a means to end any suffering (when there IS suffering...I personally don't believe it's really right/okay if there isn't any yet) for them when we can give them this "easy death" instead. But those final images often haunt us forever...I know mine do, so I try not to stay there whenever I can help it.

Poor Monster, too :( (love the origin of his name, btw :closedeyes: ).....yes, our remaining babies often grieve badly as well and then it's up to us, as their parents, to help them through this as best we can.

I'm glad, though, that you've found some help in this forum (and you're welcome!). More and more of us animal parents are coming 'out of the closet', I think, as we need our own grief needs met properly, too, just as anyone else does. Someday, sooner rather than later I hope, we won't be relegated to grief boards to get the understanding we all need so much. But until then, you can come here and be understood and cared for.

You gave Sheeba the chance at love and life that she deserved and she'll carry that with her forever now as she continues her journey, yet stays by your side, forever yours. :wub:

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