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I was just listening to and reading the lyrics of the Shania Twaine song ("Forever and For Always") that Walt C. had just posted on the Loss of Spouse forum and couldn't help but be struck by how I feel the same way about my fur-daughter and our lives together. Each day we began and ended (and punctuated all throughout) our day the same way....with kisses that pierced right to our hearts. I fell in love with my girl every single day, all over again but also growing in strength and amount each time. I sat crying buckets over this song, most especially these two verses, because it reminds me so much of just HOW much I've lost now:

In your heart--I can still hear

a beat for every time you kiss me

And when we're apart,

I know how much you miss me

I can feel your love for me in your heart

In your eyes I can still see

the look of the one who really loves me

The one who wouldn't put anything

else in the world above me

I can still see love for me in your eyes

How can I NOT miss a love such as this?!!.......and how could my girl not be missing this just as much???


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