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If anyone knows how to care for aging, special needs, dying and injured animals, all in a holistic and natural fashion, it's these folks, who are now offering their many years of wisdom to all who are interested. What more could we ask for, and for only $20 total?:

As Time Goes By

Valuable, hands on information and suggestions for natural care options based on the Pope’s experience with more than 500 animals who’ve lived at BrightHaven. Learn how to help aging pets grow old gracefully. With this booklet in hand, you'll have confidence making good decisions for the daily care of your pet in their autumn years.

$6.95 + $.56 tax and $2.49

shipping/handling = $10

Into the Light

Shows how, with creativity, love and hospice care your pet can maintain comfort, dignity and peace coming to the final end of life. Explains the actual processes of dying and death, how to plan, the kinds of care and treatment needed, and how you can continue to support and love them to the very end.

$6.95 + $.56 tax and $2.49

shipping/handling = $10

Booklets from BrightHaven

See also their website page on natural diets, why they chose this option, the fabulous results they netted for their animals because of this and the comprehensive and complete guide they also offer that "will provide you with the tools you need to get your animals on the road to better health and well being." The Natural Diet for Cats & Dogs (BrightHaven)

To learn more about them, as well as view the other links they provide (including a list of the natural vets they use, who are also available to the public), see their home page:

BrightHaven - a non-profit, holistic animal retreat Truly remarkable people offering truly remarkable, helpful and useful information.

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