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Buried Too Quickly


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My Toby –

I buried you in haste

Beside my self in tears and grief

Bereft when you were missing

Broken when you were returned

Lifeless and damaged

I’m sorry

I never took time to stroke you again

I never left you to sleep on your chair in the lounge for one last time

I never smoothed your fur

Or removed the leaves

And felt your silky softness

I never said good bye

I never let the boys say goodbye

Drowning in the rain of pain

The darkness of mud and despair

As agony made me dig

And fear made me bury you too soon

The tears of grief

The agony of your endless presence

That I will never see again.

I brought you home

But you are not here

I miss you.

I brought him straight home from the vets and never let the boys say good bye properly either - apparantly they said between themselves that it was too soon but they never said anything to me.... I just thought it had to be done and there was only me to do it.I just want to hold him again.... and i can't. I was so distraut I wasn't thinking straight.....He was my cat, my friend, always there the way no one else was.... asleep on my bed, demanding treats from only me and the shock and pain of his being killed is indescribable.

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