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Happy Thanksgiving


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On this the first Thanksgiving since losing my sweet Nvwati, I am greatful that Creator blessed me with him for 10 1/2 years. I am greatful that I was able to give and receive total unconditional love, loyalty and memories with my baby.

I am greatful for all who gather here to offer support to one another.

Take care.[attachmentid=208]


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Very well said Waabzy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well. This is the first holiday season without my dear boy, Bruzer (BooBooBear, Buhda, Little Man, Phat Dog etc...) and it's very hard. Especially Thanksgiving, as he was always "under foot" trying to talk you into a bite, or a plate :) for himself!

I too thank the Creator for bringing him into my life for 12 years after 5 years with my sister-in-law. He was 17 this August and of course I wanted 17 more but it was not to be. He passed away last month.

I hope all of us in grief are able to give-thanks for the cherished time we have had with our Fur-Children. For me, as I am sure many of you, it is bittersweet. A smile or a laugh is often followed with sadness and tears. The loss is still new and very sensitive but each day I try to honor him with good memories and less tears. I miss him so much it hurts.

Thanks again everyone for being here and sharing. I know many of us likely check for new posts everyday, even if we can only appreciate in silence due to the overwhelming grief.

In loving memory of the best being I will ever know, my Son, Bruzer!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

(Here is a recent picture of him at a parade. He seems more interested in Mommy who is in the car!)



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Hi Kevin.

Living in Canada we don't celebrate THanksgiving the same day Americans do but thank you.

One year when Nvwati was less than a year old , his first Christmas actually, I had the bird defrosting in my sink. I woke up in the morning to see he had eaten the whole thing raw and frozen!

He had such a tummy ache so I had to get him medication.He never did that again! LOL.

He and Mkwaa both learned that baked turkey tastes so much better, especially with all the fixins! They always got their own dish at any holiday meal.

I was out in the snow yesterday with Mkwaa and Yukon Jack and it was sweet to see how Yukon Jack loves the snow like Nvwati did. I have pneumonia right now so cant stay out as long as I would like, but Mkwaa who doesn't have thick fur was greatful we didn't. Yukon, on the other hand was not impressed that our snow trip was short. I will get Mkwaa a coat and we will spend more time outside this winter.

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