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Here's a great, step-by-step article on the process of communicating telepathically with your companion both before and during any trips away you may have to take. I used to do this with Nissa on the very few occasions I had to leave her in her Daddy's care, disrupting her routine, as I didn't want to take any chances of her becoming upset and possibly ill from my absence.

You can be as skeptical as you like, but this really DOES WORK if you make a sincere effort. You'll have to believe it when you see it! :) It's also a fabulous method to use whenever you have to go to the vet (for explaining where you're going and why, what's happening, each procedure that will be done to them, that you'll be right there with them, etc.) AND for visiting with them telepathically should they have to be left overnight anywhere for medical reasons. I used it for this purpose, too, when my boy had to be left in Emergency for one wknd. awhile before he passed.

The only thing I would add (as has been taught by many other communicators) is to also give them a mental picture (using, say, the rising and setting of the sun for each day away) of how long you'll be apart, AND to end the visual pictures with one of you reuniting, including the feelings of joy that will accompany your return to them.

You can read the article here, at "OfSpirit" e-magazine.

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