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1 Month Ago My Dad Died "hes Home For Christmas

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We went to my dads families house in Indiana we all had a great jpuful day talking about Dad and all he accomplished in his life.My Mother who had been divorced from him for 23 years and her husband also went.There was dads brothe and 2 sisters and all my cousins they had a new obituary made right for around Indiana the one here in ky was spelled wrong and things weren't done like dad would have wanted.So they paid for it to be correct his name and all the other stuff.It was still missing something my Dad I would be quiet most of the day I remember him teasing his siblings and being happy It was over all a Great day.

We looked at old pictures of my dad when he was 18 on up til 64 when he died nov 25,2007.My step mom I guess just stayed home alone or maybe her family came to be with her shes kind of seperated from the rest of us and my dads family hasnt gotten over the fuss she made at his funeral .yelling caring on telling his family he didnt want them there crazy stuff maybe she was referring to our mother not sure she was out of her head.Well my Family wishs all your families a Happy New Year and smaile when you think of your loved ones heres a great passage they printed with my dads obituary.......


I'd like the memory of me

to be happy one,

I'd like to leave an afterglow

of smiles when life is done

I'd like to leave an echo whispering

softly down the ways.

Of happy times and laughing times

and bright and sunny days

I'd likethe tears of those who grieve.

to dry before the sun

Of happy memories that I leave

when life is done.

Happy Holidays

Teresa Bennett

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