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Hi Everyone, It's been quite awhile since I posted but have been reading regularly and am so sorry that we have had to welcome so many new people to this road we are travelling. To those who are new I lost my husband Rick 18 months ago to lung cancer. He was 57 and I was 55. We also had been together since I was 15 and he was turning 18. We would have celebrated our 35th anniversary one month after he died. I miss him more each day, but am trying to remember the healthy Rick and be thankful for all of the good times that we had. Christmas was more difficult for me this year than last - I had no interest at all and didn't even put up a tree. We had presents etc at my son's new home - starting to try and make new traditions. I was off work since the day he was diagnosed but returned this past Sept, just part time and have found it really good for me - it gives me a purpose for each day. I am a bank teller so I have to see a lot of different people each day and that helps. I think this is a prayer I found on the internet somewhere, and have found it very helpful:

Help me learn what I need to learn,

heal what I need to heal,

accept what I need to accept

and change what I need to change,

so that I can become the person I was destined to be

I sincerely hope that as we start this new year together, we all become stronger and that we can learn, heal, try to accept and change the things we need to so that we all can start living our lives the best way we can. Best wishes to all Jane

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Jane I'm so sorry for your loss. I too lost mu beloved husband Bruce on Jan 20/07 it will one year in a few weeks. His death so very sudden one minute he was talking and laughing and the next he was gone..he was only 53 and I was widowed at 48. Like you we where together since we where very young 17 and 22 married with in 10 months and where married for 30 years. This is not the life that would have chosen for myself but it is the life I have and there are days that are very hard to live but I do the best that I can...some days are good and others are not but with the help of everyone here I do get through them and for that I am very thankful. Take care of yourself Jane and know that we are all here for each other. Gail :wub:

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