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Missing My Baby Boy Zeus


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I meant to write sooner even now I am still crying my eyes out.

It was a month ago I had to let my boy go and To say I feel CRUSHED!! would be an understatement.

His back legs would give out on him and he lost muscle. He wasn't in pain just confused that he couldn't do what he use to without falling down. I live not even 1/2 block from my vet and had to make him walk there. I keep seeing him walk fine for a few steps then fall and I had to tearfully make him get up and go on to his death. My vet said it was one of many possiable spine diseases or something like that. As you all may know my mind is not so good at retaining information at this time in my life.

I went there that morning knowing I had to put him to sleep but in the back of mind I was hoping the vet would tell me it wasn't needed but..... I stayed for both shots and held his head in my lap and I question that decision because I so often see him laying there for the last time in my minds eye and it HURTS SO MUCH!!!


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Oh Melody!

What a hard thing that must have been for you. Clearly it was the way you had to go to the vet, but I can only imagine the mental images that you have. I feel your pain really you do. I seem to feel grief physically these days.

Your Zeus was such a handsome big boy. Maybe it would help to tell me about how he was in life, before he began having his spinal problems? I would like to hear about him.

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Those photos are great, they display him so happy and vibrant. My cousin has a Great Dane named Athena whom they got from a great Dane Rescue, they are truly amazing dogs. I'm sure that makes the space in your home and your heart feel that much bigger. Was he your only pet?

My one of my English Professors when I was in college hated anyone to be late for her class. “Don’t bother coming if I’ve already taken role” was her rule. Well one day she was very late so much so we discussed leaving, when she arrived she explained that her Great Dane had been outside in the backyard and had running into the house. Right through her closed sliding glass door. She told us he wasn’t hurt one bit, just looked the glass covered living room around all goofy and happy, like “hey what’s going on mom?” (She did take him to the vet and there was just one tiny scratch on his paw.) We got along much better after that. I know that tale is mostly off subject, but maybe it made you smile through tears if only for a minute.

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