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I Lost My Brother Sam

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Hi am Jessie, I am new to this site, so please bare with me! This is a long story!

I first want to tell you a little about Sam. Sam was just so carefree, and fun loving and just so open hearted. He was just so upbeat and always had a great time and just always so happy! He stood up for what he believed in no matter what poeple thought and he was a strong person! He was goofy, and smart, fun, crazy, just loved and lived life to the fullest!!!

On July 20th, 2007 I had asked my brother if he wanted to meet Taylor (my boyfriend) and I up at The Roadrunner, a bar/restaurant to listen to kareoke and play some horseshoes and just shoot the s***! And of course he did! He rarely ever passed up a time to get together with friends or me! Taylor and I had gotten there before Sam and his friend Brian and we dicided to get something eat! So we are sitting there and we see them walk in but they totally dont see us and we are just laughing and then we finally waved our arms and they came and sat with us! I remember Sam had eaten part of Taylor's chilicheese burger, and he told me that he kept burping up the chili taste! We finally moved over to the outside bar area and sat at a table and poked some fun at some of the people that were singing and just laughing and being goofballs! i remember showing him my very first credit card cause I was so excited! And what he thought of me meant so much to me!!! I looked up to him! Well I am in love with George Strait and my brother would poke fun at Taylor saying that I love George more than him....it was really funny! The song "The Chair" was playing and I danced with my brother to that song! Never knowing that would be the last song I ever danced to with him! Taylor and I left shortly after that, and I gave Sam a hug bye and that hug just really felt different, its like he gave me that little extra squeeze and held on for one second longer, and it made all the difference in the world! We asked when he was leaving and I remember him holding up his beer bottle and his words were "I'll be right behind ya!" Taylor and I drove seperate that night and as I was driving I remember thinking "anyhting could happen in just a minute!"

Next I remember getting a phone call from Sam's wife Danielle who was 4 months pregnant with their first child! They were both so excited to be parents! She was asking me if Sam was with me and I told her no Taylor and I left the bar about 11pm! I believe it was around 2 am when she had called me! And I didnt think much of it casue Sam was one who "shut the bar down!" And his friend Brian drove that night so I wasn't worried! Well she had call me back about 30-45 minutes later and was out looking for Sam, she was frantic and crying saying that she sees a blue pickup truck in the desert and was wondering if she should get out and see if it was Sam, casue he drove a blue pickup truck, she got out and was yelling "HELLO, SAM" no answer and she couldnt remember if she saw his truck at home or not, so she was going back to check! Again, I was a little worried but I didnt worry becasue Brian had drove that night, I figured they were at Brian's or still out somewhere! She called me back and said that his truck wasn't at home, she had returned to where she saw the truck. She was looking in the truck and couldnt find him and then all of a sudden i hear her yell "SAM"..and she said Jess hurry up and get here! My world stopped that day! From that moment on my life was changed! I got out of bed and got dressed and Taylor drove to the accident! they lived out in the desert, where neighbors were far apart! I really didnt know what had happened yet, I just knew something was wrong! I swear I looked at the spedometer and it said we were only going 45 mph but i knew we werent! It was silent in the car and everything was going in slow motion! When we got there the police and ambulence were already there! I got out of the car and I rememebr I couldnt breathe and I ran to Danielle! She was crying and just histerical, No one was telling me what was wrong! Or maybe they were and I just want comprehending it! I was completely numb to what was going on! My mind didnt seem to work, I couldnt process what was happening! I didnt understand, this couldnt be right! My brother was 25 years old in a single person car accident and he hit a telephone pole and was ejected from the vehicle! My world sliiped away that day! He is my best friend, my brother, my confidant, my hero, my soulmate! I will write more later!!! I need to take a break! Thakn you


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