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Tribute To My Dad And Mom

mike dorsey

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As my dad was dying of Hodgkin's disease, he managed to take me to the hospital when I was also dying from RH incompatibility a few days after I was born. He died when I was four years old. Before he died, he also did his best to love his wife and four of his children. He also did his best to love himself by taking flying lessons to fly small non-commercial planes.

Once in awhile, when I see such planes in the sky today, I think about my dad flying over to say hello to me in spirit.

Before my mom died last March of 2007, she healed me after I returned home from the hospital when I had to have blood transfusion for survival because of the RH as an infant. Mom made sure I was to laugh and enjoy life. In spite of her own sufferings from depression, she gave me the ability to enjoy the non-materialistic side of life; God, the moon, stars, sun, beaches, sunsets, and her tremendous never ending presence.

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