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Today seems a little numb, my boss's husband passed away 10 years ago and she showed me a picture frame that had a beautiful saying on it and I thought I would of cried but I didnt! Not one tear came to my eye! And that scares me! I am so confused! Am I doing something wrong? I miss Sam my brother so much, but I havent cried in a couple of days! I havent thought about it in a couple of days either! Does that make me careless? What is going on with me!?!?! I hope that how I am acting is normal! But I have never had to deal with anything like this, so I dont know what is happening anymore!

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It is OK to have days when you don't think of your brother and you don't cry. I think it may be a way for us to regroup. Just because you have not cried in a few days and you haven't thought of Sam does not mean that you are forgetting him. What you are going through is very normal and it is a sign you are healing. Yes you will still have days that you cry and cannot bear the fact that he is gone but you will also start to have more days that you do not cry. IT IS OK! I am sure that if Sam could talk to you he would tell you that he would want you to be OK and to go on. Please do not be upset with yourself for having some OK days it is normal and healthy.

Hugs & prayers, :wub:


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