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We Do Have Angels With Skin

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I had to share something with you today.

There is a lady in my community that lost her mother 10 years ago to the same cancer my mom died of and her and her siblings were left to care for their father just like my brothers and I.

She visited me at work today with a beautiful blue butterfly made out of glass on a metal stand, something that I will stick in my yard around a flower - and this is what she said, When my mother died and the graveside service was over a butterfly flew out of her casket floral spray into the sky.

Butterflies represent resurrection, and every time I see one I think Hi, Mom.

She gave me the butterfly and said don't be sad be glad that she has a resurrected life- a new life! She is a butterfly.

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Rosanne, I love that! I love butterflies and they seem to be in my life a lot, especially after my mom passed away. When my daughter got married last October, as we were taking a family picture, two beautiful butterflies flew right past our faces...I said to my kids, son in law ,and husband that I thought that they were my parents coming back to say hello at the wedding. I even have a tiny butterfly tattoo on my 2nd toe and it reminds me of freedom, and of healing. Your new glass butterfly will bring you peace and I'm glad that you have that to remind you of your mom!

Take care...Lori

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