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Lost Mum A Few Weeks Ago

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i lost my mum a few weeks ago on the 3rd of march she had dementure and couldnt comunicate and couldnt reconize us for 3 years it was hard

i went to the nursing home every weekend or as often as i could

the weekend before she past she just didnt look right very yellow

she hada heart attack that wed night when i got there she was a mess she had the oxygin and the morphine was helping her.

we stayed all night my niece myself and my father by her side till 7am thursday morning when she passed..

It was just the noise of her breathing i couldnt get out of my head im not to bad today but have hours i cry

im rearly glad i found this site


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I am so sorry both you and your mum had to go through so much for so long. Even when death finally comes after so long it is a terrible shock. We expect them to keep going and going. Afterall, they somehow kept going for all that time. Please know that your mum is not lost. She resides in your heart and in the many people she touched throughout her life.

The sound of death breathing is a very profound sound. Its' a sound we never hear and when we do, we don't want to.

Open your heart with your tears. They will pay homage to her and empty your spirit of its' pain.

Do take care- DoubleJo

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