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At The 5 Year Mark...

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Well, this Friday and Saturday mark the 5th year anniversary of my parents deaths. They died 35 hours apart, my dad dying first, then my mom. She had terminal cancer, he was relatively healthy or so we thought. Then a day and a half before my mother died, we had to rush dad to the hospital with severe pain in his abdomen. We found out it was an aortic aneurysym and he died within a few hours. Shocked beyond words, I could not believe what was happening for it was very apparent that my mother was very, very close to death herself. It was a true blessing that she was unaware of anything at this point and didn't know of my dad's short illness and death. While getting ready for dad's visitation at the funeral home, my mom died.

I am an only child (as my username indicates) and very close to both my parents. As I approach the 5 year mark this weekend (this year it is to the day) I am feeling that familiar alone feeling once again. No longer can I call them on the phone daily just to chat or drive an hour just to visit. I miss them terribly.

I have a wonderful family, husband and two teens and we have a great life. Couldn't ask for more. God has blessed us beyond our dreams and although I sometimes feel alone, I know I'm not. He tells us in the Bible that He will never leave us or forsake us and I cling to that with all that is in me. The knowledge of this comforts me, but I still grieve often.

In this life, we will have heart ache and troubles, but Jesus tells us He has overcome this world. I can't wait to see them again in Heaven. Thanks for having this forum, it is a great place to come and share feelings which are sometimes difficult to share.

God bless you all.


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You will be in my thoughts this week-end. My parents died 10 months apart, I thought that was so close together, I cant imagine what you went thru losing your parents so close together. I too , have a great husband and 2 teenagers, but some days I feel so alone. I think about my parents everyday, I miss them so much. You are not alone and I will be thinking about you.

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Hi Lori,

My heart definitely goes out to you as this weekend approaches... I will keep you in my prayers and ask God to give you the strength you will need to get through this time... My mom and dad died four months apart and I thought that was close... My mom died while we were on vacation in the States and dad died four months later in hospital both deaths were a total surprise... dad was told he had cancer in July and died in August... Mom died of complications from diabetes which we did not know she had... Take care and I will keep praying for you Shelley

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