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Today I went to work and found out that one of the patients I had taken care of for the past month died recently. She had cancer and I have seen how she lived the last few days of her life, how her health deteriorated, how she wanted to give up most of the time. I was off for several days and the news came as a shock to me. I feel sad about her passing, she was a young, beautiful lady. We were almost the same age. My mind is just too numb to think, I thought she will live for few more months.. I have a heavy heart now.

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Dear Lyn~ I'm sorry the circle of life has to be so painful. I know there are no words that changes how you feel. But all the same we are born, we live, and we die it all happens in a tiny blink of time, barely a scratch in the surface of the age of our planet. But in that time those months, years, decades, we grow to love others. Sometimes it's fast - an instant connection we feel to someone, and sometimes it grows slowly over time. But it doesn't matter how long we know someone we care about. We are linked to them. They have touched us and there by have become part of our lives, and boy oh boy does it hurt to lose them.

It's a hard job you have taking care of others, just don't forget to take care of Lyn too. ;)

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Guest Gamer205

Hi Elizabeth,just wanted to see how you have been doing,haven't seen much of you on here lately, :(

Also Sorry Lyn about your patient,

I am Gamer205,by the way been here since Feb.05

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Thank you for your encouraging words. True, the circle of life, and death is always painful. But it also teaches us to value life, relationships and the time we have here.

You are a compassionate woman, and I appreciate the wisdom you shared with us here. Hope you will continue to inspire us.


Gamer, thanks. Good to know that someone listens and understands. Hope you are doing well too.

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